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Problems comparing non-standard characters...(?)


I'm not certain if this is related to the editor we're using or not, but it seems like certain characters have issues when they're compared, and HTML Diff is showing changes when there aren't any. I do have one question, in case this issue is coming into play here...if the values " and " were compared, should they show up as different or not? They're functionally the same but syntactically different, so I'm guessing they should be different. But if not, I suspect the algorithm doesn't take this into account.
Example: When the value “A” (including quotes) was compared to itself, this was the result:
<DEL>“</DEL><DEL>A”</DEL> <INS>“A”</INS>
(In case this page doesn't let me properly paste in left and right double quote characters, that's what is in use here)